American Gas Machine Co. lamps


The American Gas Machine Co., Albert Lea, Minnesota, made this Model P-66 torch lighting table lamp. The shade on this lamp, which is in John Carriere’s collection, is not original.

agmf66dorholt agmf66burnerdorholt

AGM made this F66 lamp circa 1913 when they were experimenting with a new “F” generating mechanism to replace torch lighting. The upper black fiber valve controls the flow to the generator while the lower nickel plated valve wheel (left image) controls the flow up to the burner assembly. There is an adjustable air intake just above the tip cleaner lever (right image). Note the loop and smaller tube of the “F” generating mechanism parallel to the larger burner tube (right image). AGM advertised it as having fewer parts, easily removed from its casing, and will not flicker. This lamp is in Dean Dorholt’s collection.


AGM made this torch lighting Model 176 lamp for use on the tops of pianos or roll-top desks. The lamp could be hung over the edge to light the keys or objects below. This 400 cp lamp, in Dwayne Hanson’s collection, is outfitted with an original green cased shade for this model.

agmp67knapke agmp67burnerknapke

agmp67earlylaterknapke agmp67earlylaterburnerknapke

Two versions of AGM lamp Model P67 – a presumably earlier version, upper images, with a open conical air intake, and a likely later version, lower images, with an air intake that can be regulated. The presumably earlier version appears in a 1912 catalog while what the likely later version is in a 1916 catalog (McRae). These lamps are in Glenn Knapke’s collection.



Model P71 lamp appeared in Catalog 22 as did Model P67 above and had the same G burner (upper image). AGM advertised the lamp as either a table or hanging lamp. The large eyebolt (lower image) was intended to help hang the lamp and the small fount reduced the shadow below. Note the unusual shade holder bolts (lower image). The vertically ribbed shade is correct for this model. This lamp is in Steve Parker’s collection.



In addition to making a Model P67 torch lighting lamp, AGM also made an early generator version – Model P67-5. This lamp, in Darcy Vantiger’s collection, includes an original 1401E22 shade that was one of the choices for this model in the 1917 AGM catalog. AGM described the shade as having an “Acid etched background with sand blasted poppy design.”

agmlampnotp675runninghardison agmlampnotp675burnerhardison

This lamp, in Ronnie Hardison’s collection, is very similar to Model P67-5 above but the generator lacks the built-in tip cleaner and has an access above the orifice to use a separate pricker (right).

We have not seen any literature for this lamp that we’ve identified as made by AGM by its parts. It is an early match lighting lamp with a thin brass tube looping generator soldered above the larger torch lighting tube above the gland nut. The push-pull tip cleaner is inside the air tube and is missing the handle (bottom image). This lamp, that was likely not made for long, is in Doug Dwyer’s collection.

agm1200lampburner1smith agm1200lampburnerassysmith

This Model 1200 match lit lamp includes a tip cleaner. It has the same burner assembly as AGM Model 1250 lantern. The shade holder (right image) is raised to position the shade correctly. The tip cleaner on this short-lived model was difficult to use because the wire became very hot from the mantles (middle image). This lamp is in James “Smitty” Smith’s collection.

Model 777 Arklite was described in AGM Catalog 22 in 1917 as the “…ideal lamp for circuses, carnivals, tent shows, parks, pavilions, Chautauqua tents, tent and camp meetings, etc.” This 15 pound lamp, in Dean Dorholt’s collection, is 14 1/2″ high x 12″ in diameter. The optional No. 1942 mica wind shield has six mica panels mounted in a cast nickel plated brass frame, that in turn is held on the white enamel reflector with three screws. The wire loop below is attached to the tip cleaner.

agmp72shaderunningmarsh agmp72runningmarsh

AGM made this P72 Model table lamp. This double mantle torch lighting model produces 600 cp. The tip cleaner is pointing up, above the mantles. The vertical air tube is brightly lit by the mantles in this image. This lamp is in James “Smitty” Smith’s collection.

agm53runningmarsh agm53noshademarsh

AGM sold this Model 53 lamp in the 1920’s. This single mantle, match lighting model still runs well (left image.) This lamp, in James “Smitty” Smith’s collection, has an old Coleman R55 generator and includes an original AGM 5185 opal white shade. The burner (right) is the same as on the Model 57 lantern from the same period.

agmunmarkedlampburnerhollis agmunmarkedlampandshadehollis

This AGM lamp, in Ed Hollis’s collection, has an earlier burner than their Ready Lite burner; so the lamp perhaps dates to the mid 1920’s, according to Neil McRae. Neil further notes that the lamp may be as their Model “…595 which was made for off brand sales in the UK as Stanleys and may also have been made for the US mail order [companies].”

agm253shade agm253

An AGM 253 Model lamp with the original shade. This two mantle model requires a separate pump. This lamp, in Shirley Willard’s collection, has an earlier fount design but with the same L38 mixing chamber (right image) as Model 254 below.

agm254runningmarsh agm254burnermarsh

Model 254 was an American Ready-Lite model that required a separate pump. This lamp has an old L109 match lighting generator with built-in tip cleaner and the L38 mixing chamber (right image). The mixing chamber is a tube-within-a-tube design so that the fuel air mix enters the upper mixing chamber in the middle and flows back down to the mantles inside the outer tube. This model appears in AGM No 32 catalog circa 1927.

agm256marsh agm256and256apumpsmarsh

AGM Model 256 has a carburetor valve and a built-in pump. It is a Ready Lite model as 254 above and with the same burner. The finish is described as Verd green and bronze in Catalog No. 35 circa 1928. The pump (left in the right image) differs in minor details from the 256A pump (right in the right image). This lamp is in James “Smitty” Smith’s collection.

agm256arunningmarsh agm256and256alamps

AGM Model 256-A lamp (left image & on the right in the right image) differs from Model 256 (above & on the left in the right image) in having a forest green and jet black finish on the fount and handle as well as minor differences in the pump (above right image). This lamp is in James “Smitty” Smith’s collection.


Model 291 was one of a series of 3 models that used the same parts as Model 256 above but were painted, rather than plated, and came with parchment art shades (missing). The protective mica globe is as original for these lamps that appeared in a Dec. 1930 magazine ad. This lamp is in James “Smitty” Smith’s collection.

agm110runningmarsh agm110lampburnermarsh

Model 110 is from the same time period as the preceding Model 256. This two mantle lamp came with the mica globe and a parchment shade (missing). The lamp fount and handle are finished in black paint. This instant lighting gasoline lamp has a combination filler plug and pump. The pump lacks a positive shutoff and relies on a spring loaded “pip” to keep the pressurized air in the fount from leaking back out through the pump. Compare this lamp to Model 07703 below that has a shorter handle, different burner assembly and valve wheel, and lacks an integral pump. This lamp is in Doug Dwyer’s collection

agm-sears07703kerolampdorholt agm-sears07703kerolampburnerdorholt

AGM made this kerosene fueled lamp for Sears as their Model 07703. Sears listed it in their Fall 1935 and Spring 1936 catalogs (McRae). It came with a parchment shade. Some parts may have been purchased from Coleman including the valve wheel and burner caps. The mixing chamber casting is unique to this model. Note the indents in the air tube below the screw and above the curve an inch or so below the screw. They hold a brass tube insert in place that reduces the diameter of the tube thus altering the gas/air mix so that a gasoline generator can work with kerosene (McRae). This lamp is in Dean Dorholt’s collection.


AGM made this Sunflame Model 3076 Instant Lighting table lamp. The cream paint with gold trim is the original paint on this lamp that is in Craig Seabrook’s collection.

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