The Historic lighting Club (UK) has a website with information on publications, meetings, and membership.

The International Coleman Collectors Club has a website with members information and pages, old Coleman paper, convention news, etc. If you collect Coleman, this organization is a must! The new 400 page Guide to Vintage Coleman Products 1900-1983 is now available Click on one of the links at the bottom of the linked page.



Frank Bebb has recreated the Old Town Coleman Center website that he first had online 19 years ago. It includes information to rebuild and troubleshoot lamps, lanterns, and stoves as well as explaining how they work, user manuals, and parts diagrams. There is also a safety section and much more.

Don Colston is creating a website devoted to hollow wire lighting. Don invites others to send him images of their hollow wire lighting to add to the website.

Roland Dworschak has a growing website in Austria of pressure and non-pressure lighting and heating appliances with detailed images.

Jerry & Pat Engbring have a website for their gas pressure lighting and heating collection
Highlights of their collection include irons and shades for gas lamps.

Monsieur Ara’s (Kebapcioglu) Lights of the Past website has a wide variety of lighting through the 19th century including pressure lighting. Follow the links to Flames. Languages on the website are English, French, German, & Turkish. Of special interest is a page on Tito Landi lighting; look for the link in the section on Lamps for gasoline, spirit, etc.


Takao Kimura has a blog with an impressive collection of early and later Coleman appliances The website is in Japanese with page links in a column on the left in English. Also click on the bracketed page numbers above the model names to see more images.


Shinzo Kono’s website includes images of gas pressure lamps and lanterns that he has collected/restored, as well as images from collectors all over the world, and an excellent guide to restoration.

Erik Leger has a website in German that focuses on Continental Licht products but also has other European gas pressure appliances.

Chriss Maier & Micha Muschak have a Bavarian website of their fine collection of lamps, lanterns, stoves, heaters, and irons. You can also read the log and see images of all the meets they’ve attended.

Neil McRae’s Portable Pressure Lighting catalog is a must-have reference for liquid fuel lighting appliances made by manufacturers all over the world. In addition to line item entries on each appliance known there are many illustrations to help with identifications and company histories. It is available by emailing Neil after you send him 20.00 USD via PayPal using his email address as recipient. In return he will email you a link to download the book.


Alan Moore’s Pressure Lamps International website is currently under construction. When it is completed the link will take you to a storehouse of useful and interesting information including images of lamps and lanterns from collectors all over the world, histories of pressure lighting and manufacturers, and sources of spare parts and repairs.

Herman Mulder has a homepage that includes his collection of lamps and stoves. The page is linked to the English version but also has a Dutch version.


Doron Papo, an Israeli collector, is building a fine website of his international collection of lanterns and lamps. His site includes very useful reference and links sections to other gas pressure websites and an international fuel names page.

Erwin Schaefer in Germany has a website that includes his lantern collecting hobby.
His collection includes both European and North American lantern and lamp models.

Another interesting German website is Torsten Scherning’s. His site includes gas pressure lighting and heating appliances.

Yoshio Shiono started his blog, “RodMagic YOTAROGU“, 15 years ago, about Coleman collection, camping and fishing. While the blog is in Japanese, it is easily navigated. It includes information about restoration and has many beautiful images.

Yoshihiro Sugimoto’s website is aimed at Japanese collectors But has excellent images and details on Coleman pressure appliances.


Juan Manuel Lopez Vallina has a blog here where you can learn more about the Focus brand by Padros & Soler Ltd., Badalona, Spain, and the variety of their liquid fuel pressure products. His blog also has a page on Petromax. He has plans to expand to other brands from Spain and elsewhere.

FORUMS – Sites where you can ask your questions


The Classic Camp Stoves website is also a treasure house of information – catalogues, instruction sheets, Primus product date codes and stove company histories.

Classic Pressure Lamps is a website with a growing membership and a treasure house of information as the related Classic Camp Stoves website above.

The Coleman Collectors Forum is a popular website where you can post questions and find answers to questions about gas pressure appliances.

Gérard Métron has a fine website of gas and kerosene pressure lighting in his collection as well as that of several friends plus a forum for discussion of gas pressure lighting topics. The French website can be quickly translated to a variety of languages using Google translator on the main page.

Visit the Stuga-Cabana Petroleum Forum website hosted by Jürgen Breidenstein for questions and answers on all kinds of pressure lamps in Europe. You can also find current gas lighting and stove products for sale on the linked pages of Stuga-Cabana.


Base Camp, a UK supplier of lamps, heaters, stoves plus spare parts for them has an excellent website that includes instructions for lighting Tilleys and Vapalux lamps, exploded views, books and manuals for sale, etc. for products generally available in the UK.

The late Jerry Engbring owned the reproduced mil-spec lantern and stove manuals that came out of the research that Roger Hill did on these appliances. When these are available again this link will be updated so you can get a list and price guide to all of these U.S. military manuals.


Visit Woody and Dawn Kirkman’s website for “…the Most Complete Source for Dietz Hurricane Kerosene Lanterns, Oil Lamps and Tubular Lantern Parts in the World!”


Craig Seabrook has reproduction glass globes and hardwood wall shelves for lanterns.


Dan MacPherson makes this Coleman check valve tool, originally designed by Matthew Reid, to remove and replace this important part in Coleman appliances. It comes with both sizes of threaded rods to fit Coleman check valves so the tool cannot disengage  during extraction.


The Old Coleman Parts website has many Coleman parts for sale and parts diagrams for a variety of Coleman products.

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